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Infection Control Cleaning Services
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Infection Control & Biohazard Body Fluid Spillage Training


Infection Control Training


Infection Control Staff Training

Making sure staff understand the basic principals of infection control is a fundamental part of ViRUSafe. Giving your staff the tools and information required to take good care of themselves, and understand the risks posed to them in their working environment, reduces absenteeism and improves health and well being.


In house training gives staff a practical view of risks posed to them and to what you, the employer, expect under Health and Safety from your employees.

Training and guidance are arranged to suit your business and cover the core principals of modern infection control solutions including:

Introduction to infection control
Infection control & Health and Safety
Viruses and bacteria
Spread of micro-organisms and infections
Cross infection
Hand washing
Protective clothing for infection control
What is clean, what is not
Risks from body fluid spillages
Safe handling of body fluids
Food hygiene*
And much more

Simple understandable guidance and training through visual demonstrations with glow sick and UV light detection, makes learning fun and easy for everyone with no PhD understanding in microbiology required.  contact ViRUSafe

 Body Fluid Spillage Training
Body fluid spillages (biohazards) pose a risk of infection. The use of body spillage kits are seen as the most effective way to control the risks posed to staff from such infections as HIV (AIDS) Hepatitis B & C and other infections such as Norovirus. Spill kits enable a busines to comply with Health & Safety requirements buy providing all the personal protective equipment and chemicals to control the risk of infection.
As with any equipment used such as first aid kits, training is a vital component it the effective use of the kits and required as part of your health & safety requirement.
ViRUSafe now offer a bespoke 2 hour training session to give staff the information they require to safely manage any body fluid spillage, and includes the following sessions:
  • Infectious agents. The aims of this session is to introduce the concept of ‘Chain of Infection’, Identify micro organisms; viruses, bacteria, spores, pathogeinc fungi, and how they cause infection and demonstrate understanding of the implications of the spread of infection.
  • Infection control universal principals. The aims of this session are to show staff the key principals of infection control, how infections are spread, cross infection, hand washing, irrigation/air flow, PPE (personal protection).
  • Body spillage clean up and management. The aim of this session is to give staff an understanding of the risks/consequences of infections posed from body fluids, safe use of body spillage kits, workable procedure for cleaning body spillages including practical demonstration using UV reactive vomit, how to use PPE (personal protection equipment)effectively when cleaning body fluid spillages (how to don and remove PPE). Safe disposal of biohazard waste.
ViRUSafe provide training to a range of business sectors including:
  • Care and nursing homes
  • Schools, universities and child care settings.
  • Coach and public transport operators (includes Norovirus awareness and recognition).
  • Hotel and leisure industries. (includes Norovirus awareness and recognition).
  • Restaurants and food preparation staff. (includes Norovirus awareness and recognition).
  • Cleaning and maintenance staff.
ViRUSafe now offer a bespoke 2 hour training session in house from just £375.00 (*subject to UK location) for upto 12 deligates. Includes certificates of attendance for staff, training records, and written spillage procedure for your Health & Safety records.
For more information about our body fluid spillage & infection control packages contact us
Advanced Health Care Training Programs 
health care training GNCS
UK Wide Specialist Heath Care Training  Services



GNCS Limited are an independent training and consultancy company who are dedicated to raising the core standards within independent care and nursing homes and all health care settings across the UK. All GNCS training courses are specifically designed to meet the best clinical practices through a network of highly qualified Associate Tutors who teach evidence based learning programs to promote industry best practice in there fields of expertise. More infomation about GNCS


* FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT. Since the the change in the Food Hygiene Regulations act in January 2006, ALL food and drink businesses in the United Kingdom now must have in place a documented food safety management system, which includes the principles of HACCP. It is now a legal requirement. Online training for food safety management courses can be obtained from the following accredited company recommended by ViRUSafe Ltd. More information

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