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Public Transport Infection Control Information

Information For Public Transport & Touring Coaches 

Swine Flu Products
In response to the current H1N1 swine flu virus pandemic alert, we have dedicated a product page to offer safe and effective solutions to control the spread of this new H1N1 virus, in all working & home environments.
Be Ready.. Be Prepared

public transport infections     
Public Transport offers a challenge for infection control through large numbers of potentially infected people entering and leaving a confined area.The risks from infections are generally low risk infections, such as colds and winter flu.
The following section looks at the areas where the risks to passengers from other infections - such as Norovirus and the a pandemic flu outbreak - and how they will affect your business. 
ViRUSafe offers a range of services and products to the public transport sector to ensure due diligence and passenger safety. For more information about infections on public transport contact ViRUSafe 
From the massive cruise ships that roam the oceans and giant Boeing 747s above us to the service buses, holiday coaches and private hire taxis. All are transport operators. The passengers who use them are from all walks of life and social backgrounds. Both operators and passengers can reduce the risk of infection.
 coach travel infection control              
Touring Coaches   Service Buses   Trains   Trams  

 Click on the picture or text to view each transport setting

Other forms of transport also need consideration by both passengers and operators for infection control.

Cruise ships   Aircraft  

Operators of the above modes of transport have legal and moral obligations to reduce the risks to health through infections. No operator wants passengers to become ill or to encounter an outbreak during their travel, as the risk of claims and the damage to their reputation will be very costly.

Passengers too can help reduce the risks to themselves through an understanding of infection control. The following link below gives all passengers an understanding to the basics of infection control and products that can help reduce the risk from infection during their travel. The policies and procedures introduced to help reduce the risks, will be much more effective if both passengers and operators work together to break the cycle of infection.


Passenger Info

Norovirus has many names and is the most Noroviruscommon viral infection affecting the leisure industry. It has affected the cruise ships, coach operators and hotels for many years and 2007 - 2008 saw the highest number of cases totaling 3,000,000 in the UK. The effects of Norovirus are not life threatening but very unpleasant. The main symptoms are projectile/explosive vomiting, diarrhea, head ache, and in some cases stomach cramps, fever, and muscle pain. There is no cure apart from letting the infection run its natural course, and the symptoms last for between 12-60 hours. Transport operators need to have in place the necessary policies, procedures, staff training, body spillage kits, chemicals and cleaning equipment, to enable quick identification and control of possible outbreak situations.  click Here for more info


Pandemic flu is currently one of the greatest risks to human hFlu Virus Imageealth.
The World Health Organisation, Department Of Health and the Health & Safety Executive now advise all business to prepare for a global pandemic flu outbreak. This can include staff training, cleaning equipment/chemicals, staff sickness and the effects a pandemic outbreak will have on your business.  
As the public begin to look for areas where they are most likely to contract the infection, they will quickly identify public transport as being one of the main areas that facilitates close contact with large numbers of people, and therefore large numbers of unknown infections. Already public transport has been used for TV adverts for flu vaccines, showing coughs and sneezes spreading viral particles throughout a service bus. Other possible effects will be staff sickness and staff not attending work through fear of contracting the virus. The public will need reassurance that operators are taking steps to combat pandemic flu, such as regular bio-fogging and chemical biocides proven to kill the flu virus on contact. Staff require training to ensure they are aware of the risks to them including drivers and cleaners. More Info
Introducing the world’s most effective cleaner and disinfectant
 disinfectant to control infections on public transport  
is the most advanced biocidal cleaner and disinfectant available. Proven to be effective against all know infections and safe to use in any environment including all transport settings. VIRUSOLVE+ can be used through cold fogging equipment for routine disinfection during high infection rates of Norovirus or flu virus outbreaks.
VIRUSOLVE+ is highly tested to prove that it can kill infections inc Norovirus, flu viruses (including bird flu), MRSA, C-Diff in 1 minute contact time. Making this product 1000 times more effective than required by the strict EN1276 requirements; EN1276 is the chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas. 
VIRUSOLVE+ is a safe and cost effective answer to cleaning and disinfecting in 1 step, recognised by the Health Protection Agency. Tested and proven effective within the NHS and DEFRA approved. 
Transport web link

 ViRUSafe The One Stop Infection Control Solution For Passenger Transport

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